Know About the Perfect Way of Applying Eye Mascara

Eyes are the most riveting facial features. Expressive eyes can speak and mesmerize the beholder. With a lot riding on how your eyes appear, it is important that you learn of the ideal way to apply mascara. It really does not take a lot of time. But, it can transform you in minutes and fetch you a ravishing look, which in combination with other make-up, minimal or heavy, can turn you into a stunner. Let us draw closer to the methods of applying that will get you those double takes.

Curl those long lashes for the best impact

Celebrity photographs and all close up glamour pics will tell you a story. Eyelashes need to be curled for greater impact. So, get those curlers out and curl your lashes nicely. Ideally, the curling needs to be one twice. Once, before you actually apply the mascara and the other after you apply the mascara. The curling after the application is for added effect. Depending on how intense your look needs to be, you can opt for curling those lashes twice or once.

Getting the right coat

Quite obviously, you are coating from the roots and moving to the tips. However, you may be just running the wand from the roots to tips. However, the best way to do it is to apply it from the roots to the tips with a deliberate slight zig zag motion. The zig zag motion should be slight, and intended to deposit more mascara at the base and thin out as you near the tip. And, do not forget to get the mascara on the wand in correct volumes. Do not excessively pump it, you may end up getting lumps of mascara.

Take out the excessive mascara that forms in lumps

If there are no lumps after you have applied the mascara, it means that you are either an experienced hand, or you have not applied sufficient volume. Eyelashes that stick together after application of mascara are nothing to worry about It only means that a little bit of mascara is excessive, which needs to be removed for that perfect look. Take hold of a wand that is free from mascara and gently comb them with an outward motion. Do not attempt to push them to the base of the eyes in a reverse motion.

Keep them free from smudges with a primer

After all the effort that has gone into the application, you really would not want the mascara to smudge because of makeup. Go in for a primer that will precede the makeup. This will keep the mascara intact. And choose the right kind of mascara, depending on the activity you are headed to. For instance, you may be the kind of person who sweats a lot, or maybe you will come in contact with water. Choose the right kind of mascara to keep it on your eyes for long. Many brands of mascaras can be thrown on to last the whole day, without smudging.

Know About the Complete Range of Rimmel London Cosmetics

Rimmel offers the perfect arsenal to floor the opposite gender with a range of cosmetics. Enchanting eyes and luscious lips are more than enough to create a sensual and appealing look that many die to have. The range of Rimmel products help to create an alluring look difficult to ignore. Here is a quick roundup of Rimmel London Cosmetics products that help to create a flawless look without trying too hard.

History of one of the world’s oldest cosmetic majors

Rimmel, with an history dating back to 1834 is one of the pioneers in the world of quality cosmetics. True to the “Get the London Look” motto, Rimmel has produced many top-notch products including the world’s first non-toxic mascara. With an extensive range of products, the brand is the favourite of many women all over the world.

Rimmel Eyeliners for that enchanting and intense look

Rimmel eyeliners come in intense colours for easy application and lends a wonderful smoky look, with soft formulas permitting blending. The eyeliners last around 12 hours, with a unique smudge proof formula. The fantastic brushes are dependable in reducing smudges and smears. This helps to produce perfect and sharp lines that help in enhancing beauty. Completely safe to use, all products are tested in labs considered as the most respectable in the industry. Some of products are – Glam Eyes Liquid Eyeliners, Exaggerate Gel Eyeliner, Micro Precision Eyeliners Soft Kajal Eyeliner Pencils etc.

Rimmel Mascara for that subtle mesmerising look

Rimmel Mascara help to create that subtle mesmerising look with precision brushes that enhance the eye lashes with well-defined volume. Waterproof mascara helps to ensure that the look remains long without having to touch up after short sessions, or after a wash. Mascara have that come-hither effect, when worn rightly. A touch of makeup includes mascara which can transform appearances and create sensual contrast. Some of the top sellers are 3D Lash Extreme Mascara, Retro Glam Mascara, Super curler 24hr Mascara, Wake Me Up Mascara etc.

Rimmel Foundations help in creating that glam look

Foundations need no introduction. With a major role to play in holding the makeup together, foundations help in putting together that glamorous look. The right foundation can give an appearance that is desirable and extremely appealing. Different products in the foundations stable offer different qualities- flawless natural appeal, super hydration throughout the day, radiant glow, invisible coverage, sun protection devoid of shine etc. Depending on the occasion, Rimmel foundations are available for diverse use.

Rimmel Lipsticks for luscious looks

A nice pair of pouting, soft lips can melt hearts of stone. Rimmel has an extensive range of lipsticks to offer different appealing looks. For instance, Rimmel long lasting finish lipsticks offer a smooth and creamy texture that remains on for a full eight hours. For greater impact, high intensity colour infused lipsticks with a light reflecting quality help to turn the spotlight on the individual. The brand sports sophistication like none other and is much sought after globally.

Tips for Testing the Quality of Hair Extensions

Whether you look to test out a new or old supplier for your hair extensions business, it is important to understand how hair wigs should be tested or examined, so that you are able to pick up the best hair bundle and get the best possible outcomes. As, any time and any misinformation can lead to inadequate testing as well as inconclusive results, which is helpful to you and your business.

Why Test Human Hair Extensions?

It is important to know why you should test only human hair extensions before you buy one. This is important for several reasons and some tips you need to test the quality of hair extensions that we are about to discuss here. Whether you have chosen a reputed as well as a trustworthy supplier of hair extensions, then testing is not always necessary, as the company would have done that for their buyers. They do that because they want their buyers to be happy and trust on them. They do with measuring certain standards set by the company as well as the reputation they have established.

Tips you need to have to test the quality hair extensions

  • A supplier of repute will be able to send you the information in detail on the source of the hair, its advantages of using an exact price so that you keep on trust on them.
  • Hair wigs should be tested for such an amount of time that the hair is designed to be sold or to be worn, for example, three to four months time.
  • Human hair wigs should be tested utilizing the proper recommended after care products that are very much essential for all types of hair extensions testing.
  • Human hair wigs should be tested for a short period of time and will not be reflected the quality of the hair type and extensions.
  • All types and sizes of hair wigs should be treated in such a way that would be with extra care and that should be all the time.
  • If you are running a business, then your clients are not able to commit the after care and you are responsible for that to do it from your side that they can keep a trust on you and your brand. It is seen that a less permanent way or method such as clip in the hair wigs should be recommended or suggested.

Testing of hair extensions is important when you do not know the seller and their authentication. If you even do not know the source of the extensions and do not know where your sellers are taking the hair wigs, then it is important, but if you know and trust on the seller, then it is not that much important. Though, we have given some important tips that can be used for testing the quality hair wigs.

Hair wigs quality is more important because some how it affects to our scalp. So grab good quality of wigs. Brazilian hair extensions are made up from the 100% virgin human hair. So buy the Brazilian human hair wigs and a range of hair extensions shampoo, conditioner and care products designed specifically for hair bundle at affordable wholesale prices.

Human Hair Lace Wigs

The human outward features, such as skin complexion, hair growth rate, hair color, and height are genetically controlled. This, therefore, means that there is little that can be done to alter them except for the more complex genetic therapy. However, one feature that has allowed superficial altering is the hair color and its growth rate. Many women all over the world have an attachment with their hair; it brings a feeling of beauty and elegance. One of the major ways of enhancing this hair beauty is by use wigs.

Wigs are worn on the head as a hairpiece covers and are made either synthetically or from animal or human hair. The main reason wigs are worn is for enhancement purposes, others such as chemotherapy patients use them to disguise hair loss and they costume wears too. These wigs come in different colors, designs and in different textures. The most common type of wigs is the human hair wig and most specifically the lace or the front lace wigs.

Lace wigs are preferred widely because they are easy to fix and create a real hairline impression. These wigs are hand woven on the lace base on the scalp. There are three different types of lace wigs, and they include;

1. Front Lace, their lace is at the frontal hairline and is attached at the front of the head.

2. Whole lace wigs, with this, the lace covers the whole scalp and thus this type of wig allows different styling in a manner that a normal hair would. It is the most ideal for those masquerading complete baldness.

3. Full lace wigs, they have laces both at the front and at the back. They are commonly fitted with adjustable fasteners at the back to hold the wig comfortably on the head.

Tips on how to fix a lace wig.

· The first thing to do is to understand the type of wig color and make. Most lace wigs allow the lace to be taped on the skin of the scalp. The hair should be compressed and set flat to accommodate the wig. The wigs straps and hair strands are set and designed to your preference and then fixed.

· Ensure that your skin does not react with the chemical used in the lace tapes.

· Before fixing to ensure that it fits well and brings out your desired look.

· The last tip is on proper maintenance of the wig, regular cleaning and setting should be done. After removing it keep it well on a wig stand.

· Always ensure you use the right quality wig and from recognized sellers

Are you looking for human hair wig? like the 250 Density Lace Wigs or the 360 Lace Wigs and many more in our online stores

Dying Your Hair Black – What to Do

At first glance, it looks like dying your hair black should be a really straightforward issue. You apply a permanent or demi-permanent dye and wait for the required time. Then you wash it off and glossy, black hair is yours! But this is not always the case. Dying your hair black is easier than bleaching it to platinum blonde, but it has its own set of challenges. Here is how to do it right.

Choose The Right Kind Of Black

Generally speaking, cool hued blacks (or blue blacks) are more difficult to pull off than dark chocolate hues. If you are looking for a natural looking black dye check our your skin undertones and try to match them.

If your skin has warm or golden tones, a warmer hue of black will generally look more natural. If you have very pale and cool toned skin, a blue black dye can make you look like Snow White. It all depends on what effect are you looking for.

Applying Black Dye

If you are dying your hair at home, start with reading the instructions on the box. Cover all surfaces with newspapers and wear a t-shirt you don’t mind getting stains on. Because black dye tends to stain a lot. Most hair box dyes will come with a set of plastic gloves; vinyl or latex gloves which are cheap and fit better are a better alternative.

To achieve even results and avoid banding you should section your hair in at least 4 sections. If you have very thick hair, create 6 or even 8 sections and clip them out of the way. Start applying dye to the roots, and then work through to the ends making sure the hair is fully saturated.

Don’t Leave The Dye On Too Long

If you are dying your hair at home, make sure you follow the instructions and don’t leave the dye on your hair too long. This is because black hair dye deposits color, and too much deposit means opaque, obviously dyed looking hair.

If you are just covering your roots, make sure you apply the dye in two steps. First apply it to the roots, and then to the tips for a shorter time so there is not excess color deposit. This will create the most natural results, and avoid banding.

Do Not Try To Dye Blonde Hair Black

Blonde hair has little to no red pigments on it, mostly yellow. Black dye has red and blue pigments on it. The end result of mixing both? Orange or even green hair, or something that resembles a swamp monster. This is particularly common when trying to get bleached hair back to a darker hue.

If you want to dye your blonde hair black you will need to first fill in some of the missing pigments, and then dye your hair black. This can be a complicated process, so unless you have a lot of hair coloring experience you may prefer to visit a hairdresser.

What Does The Holographic Nail Polish Say About You?

Do you see yourself as sexy? Or perhaps daring and bold or maybe you are simply elegant. The fact is whether you are gleamed up, left your nails with intense shine or left it simply unadorned, it is nevertheless going to speak in volumes about you. Just like how your bright shimmery nails say how lively and fun you are, a subtle and soft color can tell us the elegance you carry in yourself and how natural things keep you happy at heart.

Although occasions matter, it’s not as if we expect you to come to a funeral with holographic nail polish or color changing nail polish for that matter. It goes without saying that holographic nail polish is meant for you to own the god dam occasion. YES! If you intend to sport holographic nails then you might as well do it in the most passionate way possible. For you never know the nails that you display might be just spilling out your secrets to others and develop a certain impression of you. Make sure your imprint is fascinating.

However if you plan to do holographic nails in certain particular colors it might demonstrate following influences on others.

• Holographic shade in Red
If you flaunt the holographic wonder in red, then you are going to state ultimate glamour. It’s a ‘glance at me’ color that is outright audacious and bold. It speaks about fire, confidence and passion. You are certainly going to come across as dramatic, outgoing, daring and strong who isn’t afraid of the spotlight or any kind of thunder. So be ready to play with this holographic nail polish if you are set to enter as a diva.

• Holographic shade in Yellow
You can never go wrong with this unique style. If you intend to accessorise yourself with this yellow warm shade, you are certainly taken as a bohemian, extroverted and spontaneous person with exceptional personality.

• Holographic shade in Burgundy
This one displays a dark and deep effect, which is trendy, chic and implies edgy personality of a person that is ready for any challenge thrown at her.

• Holographic shade in Orange
This color changing nail polish is said to be popular among ladies that are creative and bubbly. Extremely cute with their naughtiness and shenanigans. They tend to come across as really generous and loving person who has highly affable personality. They know how to placate things at the right time and have fun with their lives.

• Holographic shade in Lavender
This beautiful shade is graceful and elegant giving an impression of feminine personality. You are carrying a poised charm and turn heads whenever you step ahead. This holographic nail polish expresses your individuality in a dignified manner.

• Holographic shade in Blue
If you like to experience the blues then you are definitely not faint hearted, rather experimental. You live for that adrenaline rush and excitement that keeps you going. You are definitely young with a will to win the world with right spunk.

• Holographic shade in Black
What can one say about black? It’s just perfect. You must be a trendsetter. You don’t care about anyone or anything, a total rebel who showcase the dark side in them sophisticatedly.

No matter what you wear, you are certainly expressing something about yourself through these various shades. Holographic nail polish helps you live life on your own terms and is an encouraging choice for many.