Make Your Life Effortless by Nail Art Stickers

Are you glad to say you love experiments? You certainly are! Because then you know what creativity and innovation is all about. It is exciting and beautifully delicate at the same time, when it comes to nail art stickers. Don’t you feel blessed to live in an era that is so colorful and happening? Gazing and admiring the masterpieces that are so intricate and enigmatic. There are several types of nail art stickers that you can easily have access to from the market.

They are pocket affable for your use, also it’s a god gift for those who love art but are not at all good with free hand layout. Each kind has its own style of application and can be applied on both your lovely hands accompanying zero error. Just like how you do it with glitter acrylic nail powder since it has no limit to its decoration.

Elaboration of these different kinds given below will help you understand more about nail art stickers.

• Adhesive backing on plain stickers
They come in various forms like cartoon or flower nail art. You just have to peel it and then stick, quiet easily applied. You just have to be artistic and creative.
• Lace nail art
Its quiet identical to the above one but the soul difference is that it shines bright with stripes. You can indulge in it according to your mood and requirement. You can also use more than one strip for these nail art stickers.
• 3D nail stickers
They illustrate 3D effect to them, and can be applied by peel-stick method. They are available in different designs especially floral ones can be breathtaking.
• Fimo nail art stickers
These are made up of polymer clay with such cute designs. They come in pre-cut designs or in shape of sticks. For sticks you can cut them as thinly as possible and then carefully place it on your nails for a fancy effect.
• Metal art
Just how you imagine, it’s made of metal and come in ideal designs. It requires use of nail glue in order to stick them properly. They can also be called metal decals. Go for that metal meat to gain the finest look for the season.
• 3D silica
These are supposed to be bendable and soft made up of silica gel. Get nail glue and clear nail paint and you are set to go.
• Water slide stickers
In order to remove their back sheet you need to dip them in water and then transfer it on your nails. Also know that you are not restricted to one type of sticker, you can definitely experiment with two to three kinds. So go for more than one for a fun output, since there is no limit to your creativeness.

Helpful tips

1. Since the nails have a tendency to produce oil naturally, it can be difficult for you to stick it. So make sure your nails are varnished, if not with the colored ones then clear ones or top coating will do.
2. When you go for the bigger art or sticker, place it from the centre towards the edges so that trapping of air under it is avoided. Or else slight bubbling can appear spoiling the look.

Let’s get high on this little art of perfection. Get imaginative, get funky and let that wild side of yours expose as you dip your finger tips in crazy nail art stickers.

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