The Presence of UV Gel Nails in Your Life

I think that the worst feeling in the world is to see your freshly painted nails get dented or spoiled due to silly reasons. That is the major reason for UV gel nails to become an instant fad. It’s here to change your entire life. They are bulletproof, quick, glossy and that shine ain’t going anywhere for two weeks. This polish fix which is too quick seems surreal for many. It’s an obsession that women are not ready to give up any time soon.

Whether getting it done at the salon or doing it in private, they all are doing it. Women maintain a love-hate relation with this art since some creativity turn out to be good and some do not. But fortunately we cannot say the same for UV gel nails, they look pretty hot each time.

Besides, we ladies send mails and cook delicious food; we want to do it beautifully. Also, it’s embarrassing for us ladies to have a formal shake of hand with not so good looking nails. So we act smart and invest in gel nail polish.

However, one must know certain things before getting into this obsession.

• Gel and acrylic are not the same
Acrylic nails are produced by a powder that is dipped in the solvent. It is majorly for increasing the length or provides a layer on top of the natural nail. While, gels are type of nail polish and are hardened by being placed under the LED lamp or UV.

• Your nail beds can weaken by gels, but removal pattern is the reason.
Several people are under the misconception that getting gel nails do not let their nails breathe, but it’s funny to say that since it’s not a living thing. However, your cuticles and nail beds is what you need to worry about. Since they are living tissue, you better be careful. It can be safe for you to detach it in the salon. Make sure the product crumbles off easily and is not being scraped aggressively, harming your nail beds.

• Is UV radiation harmful?
Wisdom of many states that UV rays exposure can be really harmful. But one must know that it’s been the segment of salon services for long now. That colored lights that basically dry your nails are nothing but UV rays. As a matter of fact, the technology has been improved and LED curing has been incorporated by many brands, which do not contain side effects of UV. You can also apply sunscreen before, just to be safe.

• Two to three weeks of fun
UV gel nails just like nail art stickers proves to be quiet promising in terms of its durability. If you have a consistent events coming up then this option should be favoured because you won’t have to chip in for anything.

• Elegant appearance
People give preference to UV gel nails simply because it’s more natural. It has a healthy and rich look that is quiet attractive. Pink and clear colors are most common for the gel look, but it does consist of many other pretty shades. Those who want to flaunt this look can wear simple coat too, with colored polish.

So guys get that gel look and fall in love with your hands. The bullet-proof future awaits your presence.

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