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17 DIY Wall Decor Ideas Inspired by Interiors Designers

GALLERY WALL. Simple to design. Easy to hang. GET STARTED. Choose from five different materials and more than 45 layouts. Easily hang your custom project with our FREE hanging kit. Canvas Prints. From. PERSONALIZE. Mounted Wall Art. From. PERSONALIZE. Wood Wall Art. From. PERSONALIZE. Metal Prints. From. PERSONALIZE. Acrylic Prints. From. Aug 28,  · Marbleized wall decor ideas are incredibly popular right now among interior design trends and you can easily see why! This beautiful piece effortlessly adds a mix of color to your walls. The textures add a nice contrast to flat white walls and the colors liven up a room effortlessly.

Roost Twinkling Willow Wall Lights are flexible wire construction allows for infinite variation. Tiny bulbs at the end of floral-tape-wrapped how long does it take to remove impacted wisdom teeth illuminate brightly when the branches are plugged in.

These completely customizable branches are available in two sizes. Tired of ot clutter? Don't feel like throwing it away? Now you don't have to let your clutter sit around as an eye-sore and you still get to end up admiring it. Great idea for adding some dramatic lighting to a room.

Nothing like having a tree in your home office. Antes y despues Decorar tu casa es facilisimo. I think most men dream dwsign having a "man cave" We painted the wall behind the bed black and then Colleen did a freehand how to design wall art in chalk Isn't she good??? The little leaves are metallic copper paint - they sort of change colors as you walk by We added a bookcase to the wall and loaded it with…. A few years ago, the neighborhood of St.

Pete Beach, on the Gulf Coast of Florida, was up in arms when developers wanted to demolish the local motel, a fif. And Kev Loves Jen. Tree mural. Antique paper wall.

What you need to make DIY wall art:

Oct 25,  · Open your elments in Photoshop (you can do this by opening the folder and dragging it onto the top menubar) Transfer it to your wall art document by copying and pasting it the same way you did the background (Ctrl+A, Ctrl+C on the clipart file and then Ctrl V on the wall art file to paste it.) Arrange your graphic elements how you like them. 5. Jun 07,  · 17 DIY Wall Decor Ideas Inspired by Interiors Designers 1 Painted Tarp. Leanne Ford is the queen of high-end DIYS. One day I just nailed it to the wall and called one of 2 Porcelain Gallery. If you have an extensive China collection, why not put it up for all to see? It's an unexpected 3 Occupation: Senior Editor. Apr 25,  · First, you need to design your quote to fit the canvas you’ve made. If you don’t have a design program like Adobe Illustrator, Canva is a great alternative. In Canva you can adjust your line spacing and character spacing to fit the full width if you want it to look similar to the one I created.

Categories Crafts. You know those cool printable signs that you see bloggers like me share all the time? For that all you need is a personal license. With the extended license, you can actually sell the products that you make using these fonts and graphics.

Extended licenses are typically prohibitively expensive, but Fontbundles. They have chalk and watercolor elements that look like true art, because they ARE true art. The tutorial below was made using the massive Christmas Design bundle , which has everything you need for Christmas DIY wall art, invitations, posters, scrapbook pages, gift tags and cards, and more.

Much of what you get in the bundle is good for year-round as well, so you have an enormous value there. Go to Fontbundles. I used the Christmas design bundle. See which limited-time bundles are live for the best deal and the most options. Download your bundle, and install your fonts.

You can choose your size. You can choose 8. Make sure your resolution is set to for good quality, and your color mode is CMYK so you get accurate colors. Background: Start by choosing a background graphic. Open the background you like in Photoshop. Hold shift while resizing to keep the proportions in place and not to skew.

Graphic elements: The cool thing is, you can have a real artistic effect by using hand-drawn artwork, as opposed to clipart. You have clipart in your bundles as well, in case you want a more fun and carefree look. Open your elments in Photoshop you can do this by opening the folder and dragging it onto the top menubar. Arrange your graphic elements how you like them.

Add your message: Play around with which font works best for you. The Christmas bundle includes some hand drawn text as well, that I used in the other two designs that I created. Pick a color from your graphic elements to make it fit in. Fine tune: Add elements as needed, play around, move things around, and duplicate until you are totally satisfied. The Christmas bundle had cool mockup backgrounds as well, so that I can show you how it looks in context, without printing and photographing it though I like to do that as well.

While the design in the tutorial is a holiday related design, I decided to make some more DIY wall art to show you how easy it is to create totally different looks from the same bundle. Plus, you can do things that are totally not seasonal.

If you fell in love with any of this DIY wall art that I made, you can download them right here. Love crafting outside the box? Subscribe to receive email updates or join us and share your crafts in the Sisterhood of Crazy Crafters! Thanks for visiting! Welcome back! Come join us and share your crafts in the Sisterhood of Crazy Crafters!

Want to learn how to make jewelry out of anything? Get the book! Wow - mind blown I wish I was this creative I can look at other people's creations and totally love them - but then I freeze up when I have to be creative myself. You make it look so simple.. I love that. Thank you! I could have added more tips: stick to a style chalkboard, watercolor and simple color scheme when using clipart and similar elements. Click here to meet the family.

Important: Some of my old free printable forms are broken. If you are having trouble, email me and I'll do my best to help you out. Sharing is caring! Free Printable Holiday Cards adult coloring pages. Coffee Coloring Book for Adults.

Click here to cancel reply. Tove Maren Thursday 17th of November Kimi Thursday 17th of November This is amazing! I love the snowflakes, so pretty! Thanks for sharing. Don't miss out!

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