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How Can I Get Used to Working the Night Shift? Give Yourself a Head Start. If you have the option, try easing into your new schedule before it starts. If you start your schedule on a Monday, try Make Sure You Get Good, Healthy Sleep. Eat Regularly and Eat Well. Get Plenty of Exercise, and Pay. Jul 07,  · How to Work the Night Shift and Stay Healthy: 12 Tips. 1. Cluster night shifts together. It’s helpful to cluster night shifts together and stick to a night shift sleep schedule even on your off days. That 2. Stick to a routine. 3. Get your household on board. 4. Practice good sleep hygiene. 5.

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Measure content performance. Develop and improve products. List of Partners vendors. Whether it's working in a hospital setting, as a night manager at a hotel, in a hour convenience store, a late-night diner, or other shift work, countless jobs that may force how to get used to working nights to work at night. These late hours can be hard on the body, and how to get used to working nights you don't adequately adjust your sleep scheduleyou may quickly find yourself suffering from insomnia and sleep deprivation.

It's difficult what you doing today in spanish maintain a non-traditional sleep schedule, but many people what to get your boyfriend for his 22nd birthday able to do it successfully.

First, it's key that you minimize your exposure to morning light when you come off your shift. If possible, wear dark sunglasses when leaving work. Try to minimize light exposure until after you have slept. As in all situations, it'll be important to establish a regular sleep schedule and consolidate your sleep periods. That is, rather than sleeping for a few hours at times scattered throughout the daytry what causes male midlife crisis sleep in one long stretch as you would at night.

All species of animal, including humans, have circadian rhythms. Circadian rhythm refers to your innate light-dark cycle, which is controlled by your biological clock.

The length of a person's circadian rhythm is typically about 24 hours. Your biological clock depends on your genetic make-up. Genes and the proteins that they encode can affect the functioning of your biological clock. More specifically in mammals, like humans, the biological clock lies in areas of the brain called the suprachiasmatic nuclei.

Over time, circadian cycles can adjust to external timing cues. For example, your circadian rhythm can adjust to regularly working night shifts. Once your circadian rhythm adjusts to the night shift, your body will naturally prepare for sleep when you get off work. If you are having difficulties sleeping long enough to feel rested, there are a few simple guidelines you can follow. Eventually, you will build up enough " sleep how to get used to working nights " that you will be tired enough to sleep for a longer period of time.

In time, your body will become used to sleeping and working during these non-traditional hours. In addition, it's important to follow basic sleep guidelines to improve the quality of your sleep. Tossing and turning night over night can have a big impact on your quality of life. Our free guide can help you get the rest you need. Sign up for our newsletter and get it free. National Sleep Foundation. Improve your sleep on a shift-based schedule.

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Night Shift and Sleep Problems

It's difficult to maintain a non-traditional sleep schedule, but many people are able to do it successfully. First, it's key that you minimize your exposure to morning light when you come off your shift. If possible, wear dark sunglasses when leaving work. Try to minimize light exposure until after you have slept. 1. Tips to Deal with Night Shift. First of all, keep your workplace well-lit so your body tells you to be alert. Have coffee early in your shift to keep you alert, but limit your caffeine consumption later in your shift so it doesn’t prevent you from sleeping when you get home and go to bed. Then go right home; avoid running errands. Apr 28,  · If you are going to work nights successfully though, you need to sleep during the day. Some people try to do all sorts of things, then work at night. That's how you get burned out faster.

Disclosure: This page may contain affiliate links, meaning we receive a commission if you decide to make a purchase through our links, but this is at no additional cost to you. Please read our disclosure and privacy statement for more info. But for me, and likely most of you, they are not going anywhere in a hurry. So we need to have a few tricks up our sleeve to make the night shift schedule somewhat of a blissful reality. Throughout our website, we speak A LOT about night shift and how to avoid feeling like a complete zombie.

We have covered how to prepare like a boss click to read — How to Best Prepare for Night Shift and Stay Healthy , what to eat and when again, click to here to view and how to sleep during the day see how we do it here. So this post will do just that. Read on to discover 9 night shift tips and tricks you must-try during your next graveyard shift. The seemly annoying light stimulus continually tells your body and sleep hormones, like melatonin, to stay awake.

Which is what we want…. I find the tea room lights are always switched off, which seems lovely at first, but a killer when you need to resume work later on. If you want to learn more about melatonin and the role it plays in sleep, take a look at the following posts.

This knowledge has totally changed my sleeping routine after a night shift for the better. Drinking water may seem really basic but is often something I forget about when the shift gets busy. As a general rule women should be consuming approximately 91 ounces 2. See it on Amazon here for a very reasonable price. Place your drink bottle in a location you can actually see as a constant reminder to drink. On our shift work tools page , we explore our favorite tumbler, the BEAST and also our top choice of water bottles, which infuse fruits into the water hassle-free.

We also talk a bunch more about the best shift work products we highly suggest. Click the image below to check it out. Dan and I were very interested to explore different ways we can stay hydrated on nights without simply drinking water because sometimes I just need to change things up.

Yes, one of those is water but there are 9 other suggestions to keep your taste buds excited, preventing you from getting sleepy. Well, try eating hydrating foods like the ones listed below. But it seems, from recent research , that eating multiple snacks was actually a better plan of attack.

Plus, we are less likely to feel reflux and nausea. I could keep going, but we wrote multiple posts with a lot more suggestions I encourage you to check out:.

This means there is not such a dramatic change to our insulin production to break down the food. So yes , the leftover pizza or fresh pasta can leave you feeling bloated and uncomfortable, so stay away from these foods between 11pm and 7am.

We wrote two other posts about eating on night shift , which we welcome you to check out for more information and why the timing of when we eat matters. Research constantly evolves in this space so I learned a few vital lessons too!

In a nutshell, fasting can be incredibly effective for night shift workers to lose weight and not overwhelm the digestive system, which is not programmed to receive food overnight. We also wrote an article about the keto diet and night shift workers. It was fun to put together. One of the absolute keys to working night shift is to keep the blood pumping.

Bring in a foam roller and stretch those sore bits environment permitting , set a timer to get up from your desk every hour or walk the flight of stairs at the office again, if available.

Make sure you limit the time you spend sitting in one place as you will become increasingly tired and less productive as the night goes on. As a nurse, I find restocking medical supplies and calibrating blood sugar machines surprisingly satisfying and works a treat. Find something in your area that always need attention and make that part of your nightly routine.

We wrote a post titled, Bored on Night Shift? How to Stay Busy Without the Internet which is full of suggestions if you need some inspiration. The relationships built during overnight shifts are pretty special because there is nobody else who truly appreciates how hard some nights can be. There are limited resources and management around to support you, so naturally, you need to work together to get jobs done. This is the part of night shift I enjoy the most; catching up with new and old friends, having a laugh and understanding I am not the only one struggling to stay awake.

Caffeine is brilliant for keeping us motivated and alert throughout the night. But if drunk 5 -6 hours before bed, it can have negative effects on your quality of sleep. Well, coffee can stay in our system for up to 12 hours making sleep almost impossible for most people once you get home.

Well, a glass of ice-cold water works a treat for me, but we have a whole list of other beverages you need to give a whirl here that will help you survive.

Click on the image to take a look. The bottom line with taking a nap on night shift is that it should be between minutes long OR 90 minutes… nothing in between. This is called sleep inertia and is basically caused by disrupting a cycle of sleep mid-way through. Avoid this horrible feeling by keeping it short, or making it long if you have the time and luxury. Find out more here. I have skipped my break on night shift more than a few times because the unit was absolutely horrible.

But I can tell you, I was no good to anybody. I know you want to be a team player when the chips are down, but the reality is you need to rest, eat, drink and use the bathroom — even for a couple of minutes to reboot your energy stores. This reduces errors, minimizes fatigue and stops you from becoming sick from overworking yourself. Coordinate your break with your fellow colleagues and get away from your desk or the direct working environment. This is a great time to catch up and also importantly allows your brain to rest and reset.

We are not invincible to fatigue as much we want to fight it. Our bodies naturally cool down to persevere energy, basically going into hibernation mode for the night. Dan and I love the camaraderie between workmates on 3rd shift. It quickly develops when there are limited staff and resources available to ask for help.

Everyone knows the night shift feeling, so you can always relate to the person next to you. Night shift can be a challenge but if you remain positive and work together with your colleagues, you can own your schedule and make it work for you. Hey there! Together with my husband Daniel, we run The Other Shift.

Our sole aim is to help shift workers and those on unusual schedules find balance between work and life. Read more about us and our story here. Your email address will not be published. Save my name and email in this browser for the next time I comment. As busy night shift workers, we know the essential role sleep plays in health and strengthening our immune system; that's why when we get woken up due to noise it can be so darn frustrating! Vitamin D is important because it helps to keep our immune systems in tip-top shape, it also ensures that our bones are healthy and strong.

Yet, vitamin D insufficiency affects nearly half of the Skip to content 1. Click to check out our favorite shift work tools! Should I Eat on Night Shift? Why Intermittent Fasting Works. Bored on Night Shift? How to Stay Busy Without the Internet. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Leave this field empty. Continue Reading.

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