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Nov 18, First I want to clarify why you might want to sew pleat tape into your curtains. Pleat tape gives you so many options for hanging your curtains. Once you sew in the pleat tape, you can create multiple pinch pleat looks. Double or triple pleats, euro pleats, casual pleats, goblet pleats, knife pleats, box pleats, and more. Mar 19, Hanging your curtains this way gives them a pinched pleat look and makes them look a tad fancier. Instead of clipping your clips to the top of your curtains you want to gather a small section and clip your clip about 1 inch from the top of your curtain like this. I did this every three inches.

Want the timeless look of makke pleated curtains without the cost or frustration? This easy tutorial for DIY ot pleat curtains will show you how to pinch pleat store-bought curtains.

Also, I give tips on how to make your own curtain rings with binder rings and paper clips. As an Amazon affiliate I earn from qualifying purchases. Please see my full disclosure HERE. This is the exact pleater tape and pleater hooks I use. They add timeless sophistication that never goes out of style. Fortunately, How to make pinch pleats found a way to give you bow best of both worlds by using store-bought Target curtains and adding a pinch pleat with minimal sewing required.

I use the term sewing loosely. If you can sew a somewhat straight line, you can do this; I promise! Pleats are added to give curtains a more tailored look while helping them to flow in and out without the bottom becoming too full and taking up too much space from the window. In other words, they keep your curtains from looking sloppy and naturally give them a more structured look.

Traditional pinch pleats are made by a process of hemming, marking, pressing, pinning, folding, pinning again, how to take care of venus fly trap plants hemming one last time. You can read more about the traditional way to sew pinch pleated curtains in this article: How to Make Pleated Curtains. There are a few different types of pleated curtains to choose from depending on your style.

For more styles of curtains, you can check out this article on Drapery Pleat Styles. I also share my favorite inexpensive brackets and DIY Finials. Turn on how to make pinch pleats JavaScript to view content. Before you do anythingtake a before pic. Now is a good time to spray paint your binder rings and paper clips so they can be drying while we work on the curtains themselves.

In a well-ventilated area, spray paint your rings and paper clips the same color to match your curtain rod. Well, on that long side you can hook to the higher loop using the paper clips.

Have you ever washed curtains and they shrank up? In that case, you can just put your curtains on the lower loop instead of buying new curtains or rehanging your brackets. Have you ever changed flooring to realize that maie of your curtains in your house were now too short or too long?

Now you can just change the loop you hook them on and it saves you ti having to re-hem every curtain in your house! A few years pimch we had a flood, as I described in my post From Beauty to Chaosand we had to get new flooring in the entire house. We went from carpet to vinyl plank through the whole house and as a result, all of our curtains were suddenly way too short.

So, instead of having to re-hem all 28 curtain panels or move the brackets, Yow just hung them on the lower level when it was time to put them up again. It was amazing! Who would have thought paper clips and binder rings can save you so much time and money?!? You can do this one of two ways. Before you buy your curtains, you want to measure the height that you want your curtains, taking into account the height of the rings and paper clips. If you are using rod pocket curtains, you might need to move up your brackets because now we have to take into account the height of the paper clips and rings.

If you did not wash your curtains before hanging them, now is a great time to do that because they might shrink a tad which would work in punch favor! Now you want to make sure your pleater tape is lined up correctly against the back of your curtain. Cut off any extra tape. Make sure the little holes that the pleater hooks will go into are on the bottom of the tape. This is hwo ask me how I know! How to make pinch pleats your pleater tape and hem the edges of the tape right on the top gold seam and I like to hem right between the bottom two gold seams.

Use a thread that matches your curtains. Now that you have finished sewing the pleater tape to your DIY pinch pleat curtains, you can decide where you need to add the hooks. Fold your curtain in half length-wise to find the midway point. Add your middle hook there. In your package how to make pinch pleats piinch, you will see four end hooks.

Put one of these on each end at the first pocket. How to Space Pleater Hooks Evenly This might take a little trial and error but each of my pleats had 2 empty pockets in between.

No one will be able plexts tell because you will scrunch them at even widths when they are hung. Now that you have all of your pleater hooks spaced evenly, you how to make pinch pleats hang your curtains.

Post your before and after photos here! Sometimes new curtains or recently plezts curtains can be a little unruly so I added some curtain weights to the bottoms to give them a more streamlined, professional look.

I just hot glued one on the inside corner of each curtain panel! Here are the curtain weights I used: Drapery Lead Weights. You absolutely can! In fact, the DIY version is easier to wash how to make pinch pleats traditionally pinch pleated curtains. Also, the binder rings make taking the curtains down for washing so much easier. I just ignored the pockets at the top and hemmed the pleater tape on the inside back of the curtains as normal.

I just left mine because they are barely visible. If later you decide to go back to the rod pocket curtains, just easily remove the pleater tape with a seam ripper and add a what is a hit and run about 2 inches from the top of the curtain to act as your rod pocket.

That depends on the spacing of what to bring to af basic training pleater hooks but in most cases, you will assume that each curtain will cover half its actual width once it is pleated. So, keep that in mind especially for functional curtains. In my home, we have wood blinds so the curtains are mostly decorative.

I can sew how to read business financials enough to hem the bottom of a how to make pinch pleats or maybe even make a throw pillow. As I sewed the tape onto the tops of my curtains a couple verses popped into my head from one of my favorite psalms :.

O LORDyou have searched me and known me! You know when I sit down and when I rise up; you discern my thoughts from afar. You search out my path and my lying down and are acquainted with all my ways. You hem me in, behind and before, and lay your hand upon me. Such knowledge is too wonderful for me; it is high; I cannot attain it. Psalm For our actions and lives are not pleahs culmination of random events but as His children He secures us, protects us and provides for our needs.

He defends our path from every possible angle. He protects us and intercedes in the hardships of our past. He leads and guides us into the uncertainties of the future and he secures and comforts us in the events of the present. In a hoa where chaos is the norm, we can rest assured that our God has firm control of our lives, giving us peace to know He will never leave our side in the path before us. I love my DIY pinch pleated how to make pinch pleats so much that I used this same technique for almost every curtain panel in our whole house.

Most of all, I how to solder electronic components to a pcb the fact that you cannot mess it up as it requires very minimal sewing for non-sewers like myself. Also, the easy DIY rings made from binder rings and paper clips were the icing on the cake to make this project not only super cheap but user friendly.

Now, start measuring so you can add pinch pleats to your own curtains! What are your thoughts, my friend? Do you think this project was worth it? I love to hear your feedback and hoow This blog is about transformation. Anyone can renovate a house but only God can transform our hearts! With these printables, learn how to make your own signs that look identical to hand-lettered art at a fraction of the cost! Would you rather spend how to make a banna smoothie on doorknobs or something more what is the size of cd cover. No problem!

Did you know there is actually a name for a fear of power tools? It is called Ergalilektriphobia. If the name. Of all the how to make pinch pleats in our house that needed a makeover, the master bath was the worst. Underneath that purple-hued, mauve paint and brass towel bars was a room crying out for renovation. There are several great sources for African Violets but I have had the best luck with buying plants on eBay.

Hey Ashley! They are just Target curtains! I like them because they have a linen look but are cheap. I was inspired by you. So keep it up! I love this idea!!

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Feb 26, Traditional pinch pleats are made by a process of hemming, marking, pressing, pinning, folding, pinning again, and hemming one last time. If it sounds complicated, thats because it is. You can read more about the traditional way to sew pinch pleated curtains in this article: How to Make Pleated Curtains Popular Types of pleated curtains. Aug 10, DIY pinch pleats are the easiest way to have the look of pinch pleats without lots of work because there is no sewing involved! I made these curtains for my daughters room using my own blackout curtain tutorial using pink silk fabric. I wanted them to have pinch pleats but I also wanted to cheat and make them the easy way.

Here is my guide on how to make Pinch Pleat Curtains. Showing you how to sew on pleat tape to your fabric or curtains, to make luxury pleated drapery. First I want to clarify why you might want to sew pleat tape into your curtains.

Pleat tape gives you so many options for hanging your curtains. Once you sew in the pleat tape, you can create multiple pinch pleat looks. Double or triple pleats, euro pleats, casual pleats, goblet pleats, knife pleats, box pleats, and more. As you can see, pleats get pretty technical.

But all of these options are a major upgrade to your drapery. The majority of pleats can be done with the same pleat tape and hooks. Any of these options will give detail and create fullness at the top, while also allowing the curtains to gently ripple and lay beautifully down your wall.

I purchased a heavier weight pure linen, that is a dark natural color. So much so, I recently started a new growing shop to make and sell handmade linen products to you. I just added new products and colors, so check them out! After I sewed in the pleat tape, I got my hooks and played around with them for quite some time to find my favorite look. I ended up loving this really tight gathered look, that is a lot like a casual goblet or cartridge pleat.

To create this look, I just inserted one side of the prong. Then I counted 5 pleat spaces to insert the other side of the prong. I liked this because unlike most pinch pleats that are tightly gathered and then spaced a bit apart, it created a nice continuous pleated or gathered look. Let me walk you through the whole curtain making process and supply list, so you can do this on your own.

There are a variety of pleat tapes. The type I got is a very basic multi-purpose one with the pleat casings spaced about an inch apart. You can get pull pleat tape that has strings for you to pull and make a really super tight pleated look.

But I find this basic pleat tape great for many looks. I find the 4 pronged hooks to be the best multi-purpose hooks. Note: pleats really reduce the overall width of your curtain panel, so you need to plan for at least half the width when all is said and done.

My fabric was 50 wide and I knew half that would not be full enough once pleated. So I bought double the fabric and stitched them together down the long edge to create a panel that began at inches wide. I actually just bought a half yard extra on my length and then hung them with plenty pooling on the floor and hemmed them last to the exact length. Beyond those supplies, you need standard sewing materials. Be sure to have your iron handy, as pressing is key to professional results.

I washed and dried my fabric to reduce shrinkage problems in the future when I would wash the curtains. Washing linen also makes it far more nubby and delectable. But also very wrinkly, so I pressed my fabric really well getting out all the creases, especially on the edges. I hemmed the sides of the fabric very first, by simply turning in the raw edges to encase them in a nice hem. This just makes it easier to encase that raw edge before you begin to pin the pleat tape in place.

I took the fabric to the ironing board, and folded over the top edge of the panel, where the pleat tape was going to go.

After that, I pressed that fold down as I went and began pinning the pleat tape in place. Then I took the panel to the sewing machine and stitched the pleat tape in place all around the top, bottom and edges. You also want it to look really nice on the other side, so do your best to keep a consistent seam allowance as you sew around. After that is sewn in place and looking good, I recommend pressing all your hems and seams, so the panel looks very crisp and professional.

If you want to copy my same casual pleat method, I put a prong into every 5th pleat spot, and continued that along the entire panel width. After the prongs are in place, you can insert the rings onto the hooks through the rings eyelet spot. I found it easiest to insert the rod into the rings while on the floor, rather than trying to insert them all in place while hanging.

I got these from Blindsgalore. They easily lift up and pull down without any cords needed. I love their blinds! I hope you enjoyed learning about how to make pinch pleat curtains by sewing pleat tape into your curtains. Yes, sign me up! I have been making drapes for myself for over 50 years and find that the methods used today are so much easier for casual drapes.

I always want to line my drapes and painstakingly pleat and hand stitch the tops. Glad to see pleat tape is still being used as I have another project in the works and will give your style a try. Very attractive window treatments. Those curtains are so perfect for your living room!! Love them great job!

I ordered one of your Hunter Green linen kitchen towels absolutely love it! Beautiful linen. Some time ago you did a write up on oils and the company you recommend for purchasing them! Thanks again for all you provide us! Hi Brenda! Thank you so much! That oil company I love is called Rocky Mountain Oils. I love the Non-MLM concept, and they are already priced good. Hope that helps! November is a very important month because of this the month when Thanksgivig are coming.

I would also like the link to the linen fabric you purchased. Just got into our new house and would like to give this a shot! Love the color of linen you chose! Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. I am a sleep deprived Mom to 4 and a fanatical DIY'er. I absolutely love to create - but I love to inspire others to create even more! I love sharing my ideas and tutorials!

I ask that you respect my work and follow these guidelines. All images are property of Tidbits blog. Feel free to use 1 or 2 images on your own webpages, provided a link back to my blog is clearly available. Sharing and pinning through social media is always welcome!

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Oooooo, I love how the linen looks, Cami! Just gorgeous. I love to know where did you bought the fabric! Leave a Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Copyright I love sharing my ideas and tutorials!

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