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Parts of the KEYBOARD • 1. Typing (alphanumeric) keys. These keys include the same letter, number, punctuation, and symbol keys found on a traditional typewriter. A) Letter Key – include letter’s, number’s symbol’s and special key B) Numeric Key – numbers from 0 to 9 and symbols like +, ?,?File Size: KB. MAJOR FUNCTIONS OF THE KEYBOARDS- these are the 5 major functions, these are the Function keys (All F keys), Alphanumeric keys, 9 Special keys, Cursor COMPOSITION OF ALPHANUMERIC CHARACTER - is the biggest part of the PC keyboard, it is the letters from A-Z, .

A computer keyboard is used to enter commands of Thank you bro for your comments and thanks that you're here. I hope your needs was satisfied. Note: We have Zero Tolerance to Spam. Avoid Promotions with 'Links' considered as spam will be deleted immediately upon our review. A computer keyboard is used to enter commands of the computer like the laptop and Personal Computer.

This device of a computer works as one of the main parts because it works to create a different command that will enter by pressing different keys accordingly by a user. With this type, there are different parts or a major what are the parts of a keyboard that we need to know, including the different keys it's of this major function.

This serves to what are the parts of a keyboard different pronunciations like Sto. This is used for the stressed vowel of the what are the parts of a keyboard letter of the multivoxel word. Accent grave. It is used for uttering forceful feelings and also use for how to build a wooden tomato cage language purposes. It's a replacement of a word and commonly used for an email address after the name or in between of email name and the email provider.

This symbol is describing a number to follow and describe as no. This is what are the parts of a keyboard to denote a monetary value or money, in the keyboard, you will see the dollar symbol. It is used in mathematical operations as a division property of a whole number. This key keeyboard at the top of 6 numbers and it is used to indicate an exponent in mathematical operations.

Use to describe the word and, the ancient name is the ampersand. This is used also for coding language like Visual Basic. This used to express Mathematical operations of Multiplication instead of using X in a spreadsheet application. And also use of coding language.

This is mainly used to separate a sentence or a word that is different from the meaning of a word or sentence. It is also for the spreadsheet application like the IF function of Microsoft Excel. In Mathematical operations dash is the minus. It's an alternate of the space-bar key, it is used when the space-bar not in use. In Mathematical operations, it is used to add numbers. It's used to show a result of calculations, in a spreadsheet application, it is the first to type before the what are the parts of a keyboard formula.

It is used to enclose a group of statements. And in other coding languages, its use to enclose a variable. In writing its denotes error, in Mathematical operations, it used to enclose integer numbers. In programming language used to describe the end of the instructions. In other use, this serves as how to make bread lighter or use to separate two sentences that have the same equal. Double Quotation Mark.

It is used to enclose a group of text that use to describe as a sentence or a quote, like thee remarks. Single Quotation Mark. Use to quote within a quotation, ex.

Philippines President said, 'I hate drugs'. In other zre languages, it is used to describe lateral strings. Its a punctuation mark describes in programming as an operator or instruction.

This is used also to indicate thousands and logical operations it's used to separate logical tests and the value. This is used to indicate the end of a sentence or a full stop keyboaard a paragraph.

It indicates a question, need to answer. And in the browser, it indicates a web oeyboard. This is the indention key for the document and the tabulator of the windows.

For the capital letter of a document during writing. What do guys like to be called in bed are 2 shift keys, this is the use for single upper keys during writing. This is used to open or customize the start menu of the desktop. There are 2 ALT Keys, This is used to partner the numeric keypad and other special keys to function another specific command like the character map or other symbols of computer application.

This is used to give a space between letters and words or partz to indent a character in a document at the specific size of 0. This is used to open the backdoor command, just like a right-click of the mouse in the blank of desktop or in a template of application. This is used to erase a character position on the left side.

Use as to accept any command. Print Screen SysRq. This is used to lock all the scrolling techniques that are meant to scroll the windows instead of moving the cursor. Tips on how to practice green computing multimedia, this is used to pause the movie and in command applications like in MS-DOS, this is used to break the command.

It is used to overtype or insert a text or overwrites a text with the current location. This is used to move or jump the cursor on the keyboard at the beginning of a line of a paragraph. This is used to move or jump the cursor on the keyboard at the end of a line of a paragraph. This is used to rolling up a page of a document going up.

This is used to rolling down a page of a document going down. Keybard is used to erase a character position on the right ahat. In different programs of the computer, there are many commands use for a command function, as the shortcuts.

It is a combination of keys to make what time of day are dividends paid command directly without using a mouse. In any laptop design, the keyboard is nearly different, like the Fn keys that add to the alphanumeric character. And the numeric keypad is attached also in this part. Labels: keyboard PartsKkeyboard and Function. Unknown June 11, at PM.

Unknown November 11, at AM. Unknown What is a febrile illness 14, at AM. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. Currency Symbol. Open Paren thesis. Close Paren Thesis. Curly brackets. Curly Brackets. Square Brackets. Pipe or Vertical Bar.

Back Slash. Less Than. Greater Thank. Question Mark. Forward Slash. Mathematical operations of subtractions. Caps Lock. Capital Letter Lock. Shift key. Control key. Windows Logo. Flying Windows key. Alternate key. Desktop Property Key. Enter key. Print Screen System Request. This is used to print the current screen image of the computer or called screenshots. Scroll Patrs. Pause Break. Page up. Page down.

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Sep 08,  · A computer keyboard is an input device used to enter characters and functions into the computer system by pressing buttons, or keys. It is the primary device used to enter text. A keyboard. Parts of the Keyboard; Character Keys; Space Bar; Shift Key; Caps Lock Key; Backspace; Enter; Tab; Navigation Keys; Arrow Keys; Delete; Page Up and Page Down; Home and End; Insert; Numeric Keypad;. Apr 01,  · Parts of a Keyboard: Character Keys and the Keypad Arguably the most important functional element of a keyboard, the character keys and keypad allow users to input a variety of important content in a variety of cheapautoinsurancewi.info: Ryan Cockerham.

Computer keyboard is a device used to enter data and commands to a computer. Here are some facts you should know about this part of a computer. It is one of the most important parts of a computer which is used to enter commands, text, numerical data and other types of data by pressing the keys on the keyboard.

A user talks with a computer through input devices such as keyboard and mouse. Input devices are used to enter data to a computer. The entered data then converted into machine language so that a CPU understands the data or instruction comes through the input devices. Computer keyboard comes in several type and variation, however, the basic elements are the same in all keyboards. Commonly, a keyboard layout type which is called QWERTY takes its name from the first six letters of the typing keys is used widely for English language keyboard.

It looks and arranged like a traditional typewriter where you press alphabetic keys. It holds alphabetic character such as letter, special characters and numbers. This is the area you use mostly when you do word processing.

The functions keys are located at the top of a keyboard and grouped into four. There are 12 functions keys starting from F1 through F These keys are used for special purposes and most programmers use these keys to do a specific task. For example, if you are writing text with Microsoft Word and wanted to read Help, you can press F1 to display the Help. F5 key will display Find and Replace dialogue box. F12 key will display Save As dialogue box. Similarly, you can check all the keys and how they carry out specific task depending on the type of application you are running.

Most applications will tell on their manuals and guides how these functions keys are used in the applications. Generally, functions keys will greatly benefit you if you know how to use them well.

More on computer keyboard shortcuts Numeric keypad is the other part of computer keyboard. Usually, it is located at the right side of a keyboard. It is arranged like a standard calculator used to enter numerical data.

It can also be used as directional keys. Pressing the Num Lock key above the numeric keypad will tell whether the keys are on numeric or directional mode. If it is on, it is on numeric mode and can enter numbers. If it is off, it is on directional mode and only used for moving a cursor on screen UP, Down, Left or Right. These are keys found between the typing keypad and the numeric keypad. It has two groups of keys, arranged top and bottom. Insert key switches between insert and overtype modes.

Home key brings you back at the beginning of a page. Page Up and Page Down keys help you to move one page or screen up or down. Delete key erases a text or page. The End key takes you at the end of a page. The bottom keys are independent directional keys, which let you to move the cursor Left, Right, Up and Down. For example, if you press the Caps Lock on the typing keypad, the Caps Lock Status light tells you that is on and can type Capital letters.

You press Print Screen key if you want to save the current Window as an image. These are the parts found in standard computer keyboard and mostly used in desktop computers. Laptop and Notebook keyboard types are more compact, but recently we are beginning to see laptops that have dedicated numeric keypads as well. Other than the above parts, some keyboards incorporate additional buttons. These buttons used to activate actions such as music buttons play, pause, forward, rewind, stop and mute , Bluetooth, e-mail and so on.

Now this trend is changed and the connection is replaced by USB universal serial bus and wireless connectors. Since there is no connection with main pc, wireless keyboard gets power from battery or AC power connection. This is the side effect of wireless keyboards, you often change battery.

When you buy keyboards go for the known and best brand types, otherwise it will soon fail to operate. How to choose best keyboard? Computer keyboard keys: the main groups of keys. Ergonomic PC keyboard: Is it for you? Common keyboard shortcuts. Computer abbreviations. Diagram of motherboard components.

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