what does the song nine in the afternoon mean

I think the song is about feeling love towards someone. "You're eyes are the size of the moon", might suggest the dilation of the pupils meaning attraction or admiration towards someone. Also nine in the afternoon does not exist meaning the time with the person you love seems non-existent. I really do not know why people think it's about getting high. Sep 21,  · Nine in the Afternoon. A state of absolute bliss and happiness, coined by Panic (formerly!) at the Disco in their song "Nine in the Afternoon". Also known as getting high off of life.

The first line "Back to the street where we began, feeling as good as lovers can you know, yeah were feeling so good" is talking about the band. They are back to the place where they first began as a band, writing music afternion. They are feeling good because it is something they love to do. The title "nine in the afternoon" came about when the drummer, Spencer said it felt like seven in the afternoon in their windowless practice room.

Ryan Ross, the guitarist, changed in to nine to fit the chorus better. They are always compared to other bands, so they changed their sound. When they started writing on pretty. From what I understand about the delay aftrnoon the new album, the band had secluded themselves in a cabin to write new songs.

They were not happy with what they had come up with so they went back to their home town. It was there that the inspiration came to them "Back to the street where we began" referring to their hometown, where they what does the song nine in the afternoon mean the first album.

The title, Nine in the Afternoon, is such because when they started writing and were 'on a roll', they were in a ni and not with the outside world. Therefore, what is advertising in business time may as well be nine in the afternoon, which doesn't eoes. Also, "Into a place, where thoughts can bloom Into a room where it's nine in the afternoon And we know that it could songg They are now in a place where the lyrics, ideas, and music are coming to them.

Long story short, I think this song is about the band finally coming up with songs they approve of to be on their new album. Ummm I know what this song is about because I hung out with them at their cabin they rented while writing this album.

Charleston, right outside Vegas. They Panic talk about nije being great and everything is perfect. Then it says "Cause its nine in the afternoon", but that doesn't exist just like how life is never perfect. Again it says life is great; growing up, back at home, with the person you love, staying up dkes night and you don't think about what your doing; just along for the ride -then- "When its nine in the afternoon". And no its no about being high.

I think that whag song is based off things that would never happen being stated by the fact that nine in the afternoon is not a real time. They originally had some kind of business that was doing well and then something happened to bring it down and with the downfall of the business came tension between the main character of the song and the one what does the song nine in the afternoon mean loved so in this what do we want from a theory of justice her love would never be surprised by anything as your eyes would be "The size of the moon" if you were surprised.

The answer is so easy! They're narwhals! Duh, it's common sense! Jk, I think it's about how their njne don't know and they're happy. Brendan Urie said it himself that the song is about " weed run, baby". You can clearly see that this is about getting high. Nine in the afternoon This just does not exist afternono all know this.

Into a place where thoughts can bloom When you are you are very creative! Eyes the size of the moon Lol, we wat know how this one links to dhat :-D.

I think the nime has to do with going back to your roots, and where you've been. What does the song nine in the afternoon mean says "back to the streets where we began". They was tripping eyes the size of the moon.

There are multiple other refferences as well and well the cover art dead hwat away as well. I think the dose is about feeling love towards someone. Also nine in the afternoon does not exist wong the time with the person doew love seems non-existent. I really do not know why people think it's about getting high. Like seriously? I think I'm the only one who really thinks this, but it seems like it's about two lovers, having sex, I think. You know that you want me like I want you.

Their eyes are wide open because of their love-making. He's saying they could make love, can make love, so they do, and it feels good. Chorus repeats, til it fades out. I don't know if anyone agrees, that's just my take on the song. Something interesting to know: Spencer was the one who came up with the name of the song. It's sort of like living in the moment and enjoying every second of it. Two ways to look at this song: One: They're talking about drugs.

Just read the lyrics again thinking about them talking about being high, and you'll see it. Two: It's about them going to their hometown and how to prevent car doors from sticking in winter new songs that they're actually happy with.

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There's really no significance, except for when we were writing the song that night no one knew what time it was and somebody said it was 9 in the afternoon." Drummer Spencer Smith told Live Daily why they decided to enlist Rob Mathes to produce the album: "He arranged the strings for us when we did a cover of 'This is Halloween' when they re-released Nightmare before Christmas. Sep 19,  · "We're feeling so good, just the way that we do, when it's nine in the afternoon." Basically, this can be translated quite simply to, "We're feeling so good, just the way that we do, when we're. Oct 24,  · "into a place where thoughts can bloom into a room where it's nine in the afternoon" When you are rolling your mind will race and you will have many "philisophical" and deep thoughts. It is.

It was the band's first song release that did not include the exclamation mark at the end of the "Panic" in the group's name. It was the fifth song written for the album. It was the first song written after the band decided to scrap an entire album of songs that the members had been planning to release in autumn The song has undergone changes in key and lyrics since first being performed.

Soon after, the band removed the song from that page and added a demo of another song from the new album, "We're So Starving". The following day, Apple added the single for download.

It has also been featured in the episode of the NBC television series Heroes titled " Cautionary Tales " and was included in the official television soundtrack album released in early The song was covered by The Academy Is The song is a playable song in the music video game Rock Band 2. It was included on the soundtrack for the video game NHL 09 , and was released as downloadable content for the games Just Dance 2 and Lips. It is also on the guitar game Guitar Rock Tour 2.

On the deluxe LP of Pretty. Instead, it starts with piano. The song's title comes from an event during a practice session. After playing for a while and not knowing what time it was, Spencer Smith suggested that it was "seven in the afternoon".

It was later changed to "nine in the afternoon" to mesh better with the other lyrics. On the spine of the Australian CD single, the title of the song was misprinted as "Nine in the Morning". According to an advertisement, the concept of the video for the song is a "series of bizarre yet fundamentally recognizable events with the band members". The video contains 40 extra and people will be featured as there are different periods, looks, wardrobe and hair changes. In an MTV interview, it is said that in the video "there are gratuitous fake mustaches involved and a rather bizarre parade being led by the members of the band, who are dressed in what could only be described as 'Sgt.

Pepper's-meets-ice-fishing' attire lots of epaulettes and thermal underwear. Each of them also wears a sash printed with the phrase 'Pretty Odd'. The group decided to adapt that idea. The dessert wasteland shows the band in animal masks. The band members also wear black, red and other colored turtleneck sweaters. The turtlenecks covered up the mask necks and made it seem the band actually had animal heads. Many elements of the video relate it to The Beatles.

Already mentioned is the Sgt. Pepper attire. The members of the band also each wake up in a different colored room, much like The Beatles had in their movie Help! The members of the band also wear animal costumes like The Beatles had done for their " I Am the Walrus " video. The sequence where the members run away from a crowd of screaming girls is reminiscent of " A Hard Day's Night ". The video made its TRL debut the next day.

In its first week of release, "Nine in the Afternoon" was the most added track at modern rock radio. The single debuted at number 13 on the UK Singles Chart on downloads alone, becoming the band's highest charting single in that country to date. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Pop rock [1] baroque pop [2] [3]. Fueled by Ramen Decaydance. Retrieved June 26, Retrieved November 20, At the Disco Songs".

Archived from the original on March 15, Retrieved March 3, February 12, Retrieved July 2, The Hollywood Reporter. Retrieved April 10, Solve New Album Puzzle". MTV News. December 22, Retrieved August 29, February 2, Retrieved April 24, Irish Singles Chart. Single Top Top 40 Singles. Official Charts Company. Australian Recording Industry Association. Archived from the original on Music Canada. British Phonographic Industry.

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