what jobs are available with a journalism degree

Types of Entry-Level Jobs for Journalism Majors

Top 10 jobs for journalism grads Content marketer. What you’d do: A journalism career will undoubtedly center around writing, and all industries need Copywriter. What you’d do: Whenever you see an advertisement, a copywriter developed the message being delivered. Corporate communications. Careers with a Journalism Degree • A specific medium, such as digital, newspaper, magazine or broadcast • A specific beat, such as sports, business, politics or international reporting • A specific skill set, such as writing, editing or digital audience development Employable Skills You.

If you want to build a career which revolves around the written word, journalism careers are excellent way to share your skills with the world! Update: Journalism degrees are now offered online To give you an idea of the wide range of careers available in the journalism field, we have put together the following table. Here you will find information on the job duties associated with the different journalism occupations, as well as their median annual salaries:.

The field of journalism has changed over the last several years, and job opportunities have transitioned to incorporate the advancing technology in publication.

After earning your journalism what jobs are available with a journalism degree, you will be able to work in a number of different industries that involve effective communication, including reporting, content writing, editing, and marketing. While most Journalism majors begin their careers in entry-level positions, you may also have the opportunity to move up to top-paying occupations within a company.

The majority of the careers listed above report annual salaries above the national average across all occupations, and you may make more or less depending on your specific skillset. A degree in Journalism will provide you with an expansive foundation in communication and the written word. Throughout your course of study, you will learn effective research techniques and the technical skills needed to succeed within the industry. You will also be exposed to a number of technological tools that are necessary for professional journalism careers in the modern workforce.

Journalism is a broad field, and during your degree program you will take a number of important courses that cover the following topics:. If you are looking for a personalized educational experience, consider one of the many online journalism degree how to send files via bluetooth in windows phone available in the field of journalism!

By earning your degree online, you will have the flexibility to work at your own pace and log-on to your classes at a time that suits your busy schedule. As previously discussed, the careers associated with Journalism vary greatly across a number of professional industries. To get a better idea of what you can expect after graduation, we suggest taking a look at resources such as the U. The BLS projects that writers, authors, and editors will see a slight decline in occupational growth from to While this is slower than average growth, those who have advanced technological skills will have an advantage when applying for these positions.

By learning these advanced technical and research skills, you will become a valuable asset to modern business across a variety of industries. Communication will always be an essential skillset in the professional workforce, what jobs are available with a journalism degree a Journalism degree prepares you to jump right into a rewarding career after graduation. Review online degree programs matched specifically to your goals and interests.

AD mycollegeguide. Featured or trusted partner programs and all school search, finder, or match results are for schools that compensate us. This compensation does not influence our school rankings, resource guides, or other editorially-independent information published on this site. Got it! By MCG Staff. If you want to build a career which revolves around the written word, what jobs are available with a journalism degree careers are excellent way to share your skills.

Online Degree Finder. Get matched in seconds Review online degree programs matched specifically to your goals and interests. Writes manuals or educational papers that serve the needs of their healthcare-related employer. Works in a variety of what is util- desktop. exe to oversee the information and communication that comes from their company. Oversees the marketing department of a business and manages marketing communication initiatives.

Top-level position within a non-profit that is responsible for handling the daily operations of the organization. Coordinates marketing and community initiatives and works to present the organization in a positive manner to the public. Leads funding research, writes grant proposals, and edits the work of other grant writers for their organization.

Works within the publication field to oversee the publishing process from start to finish. Responsible for researching information used in dude what would happen full episodes youtube documentation and writing content in an understandable format.

Works with freelancers and the creative department to establish materials used for a website or marketing campaign.

Works independently or for what jobs are available with a journalism degree variety of organizations to create written content that meets the needs of their audience.

Works with grant writers and assistants to manage duties pertaining to the application and dispersing of grant funds. Responsible for interacting with customers and clients through various social media platforms. Works with writers to help them refine their styles and correct grammatical errors in their work. Responsible for facilitating social media related tasks, including customer communication and page management. Primarily works within advertising to write persuasive ad copy and content for their organization.

Supervises all aspects of news broadcasting and helps to create news materials for publication. Researches funding sources and writes grant proposals for non-profit or government organizations.

Works under an editor in chief to provide managerial support for web and print-based media outlets. Responsible for the creating, writing, and editing of various types of content for their employer. Responsible for creating a personal connection between the radio station and audience by developing content that appeals to the public. Creates written content for various publications on the specifics surrounding the world of sports.

Works for newspapers, TV, radio, or online sources to report and write news stories for publication. Works for a variety of clients to create editorial, advertising, or other written materials to suit their needs. How to get rid of a crepey neck for carrying out research that will be used to create and write news articles.

Responsible for creating effective communication and relationships between their company and customers via social media. Works as a freelance writer or for a variety of businesses to create engaging stories about events in the world. Works in a variety of media-related fields under supervision of an editor to edit and collaborate on content creation. Researches, writes, and presents news reports on sporting events for a media outlet or publication.

Responsible for re-working written content to present it in an interesting, readable format.

What can you do with a Journalism Degree?

Jul 15,  · Best Jobs For Journalism Major 1. Journalist. Reporters, correspondents, and broadcast news analysts inform the public about news and events happening 2. Communications Specialist. Public relations specialists create and maintain a favorable public image for the 3. Technical Writer. Technical. Important Facts About Reporter and Correspondent Jobs. Newspaper Jobs. With a bachelor's degree in journalism, newspaper jobs available to you may include news writer, Broadcasting Jobs. Journalists also work in the radio and television industries as broadcast reporters, sportscasters, Key Skills: Communication, computer and interpersonal skills, objectivity and stamina. 41 rows · After earning your journalism degree, you will be able to work in a number of different .

Newsflash: If you're interested in journalism jobs, that doesn't mean you're limited to traditional media jobs. Using data from the U. Bureau of Labor Statistics and PayScale, Monster reported on 10 journalism careers for you to investigate, and be sure to check out Monster's grad site for more great info. Content marketers create videos, articles, and images within an editorial calendar to create brand awareness, upsell products, participate in conversations about subjects related to the brand, and create a sense of community between customers and the brand.

Find content marketer jobs on Monster. If you're naturally persuasive, super-creative, and can cram a lot of convincing information into a few words, this job should grab your attention.

Find copywriter jobs on Monster. This includes everything from benefits information to internal news stories to details of upcoming events. A corporate communications specialist is in charge of creating and distributing all this news, and often maintaining a company intranet.

Check out this sample resume for a communications manager. Find corporate communications jobs on Monster. Find editor jobs on Monster. Find grant writer jobs on Monster. Your journalism background makes you an excellent candidate for a public relations role, as they regularly interact with journalists to effectively communicate their organizations' messages.

Check out this sample resume for a public relations manager. Find public relations jobs on Monster. They work on tight deadlines in a fast-paced environment, striving to be the first to publish the story. Check out this sample resume for a reporter. Find reporter jobs on Monster. A social media specialist works for a brand or organization and communicates with the public through social media platforms to build a favorable reputation.

An internship can help make you more attractive to employers. Check out this sample resume for a social media manager. Find social media jobs on Monster. As a sports information director, you'll help local, regional, and national sports journalists get the stories they need from your school's coaches and athletes.

You'll also coordinate media coverage for various athletic events. Although not required, having a background in collegiate athletics can help make you more attractive to employers.

Find sports marketing jobs on Monster. Technical writers prepare instruction manuals and how-to guides to explain how a product or service works. Find technical writer jobs on Monster.

Strong writing abilities will always be in demand, no matter what kind of writing it is you specialize in. Ready to impress hiring managers with your wordsmith skills? Join Monster for free today. As a member, you can upload up to five versions of your cover letter and resume—each tailored to different types of writing jobs that interest you.

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By continuing, you agree to Monster's privacy policy , terms of use and use of cookies. Search Career Advice. Top 10 jobs for journalism grads What can you do with a journalism degree? The answer goes far beyond traditional media. Jobs in journalism are more diverse than you may think. Related Articles. Browse articles by Find The Right Career Path. Professional Development. Most Recent Writing Jobs. See More Writing Jobs.

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